Murillo BernardesHi, My name is Murillo Bernardes, I’m a tech geek with over 12 years of work experience in linux and software development.

What I do? I put pieces together to design and develop software and systems that make sense.

I’m currently in a sabbatical, away from the corporate world, and doing freelance work as software developer.

I was previously a Software Architect at Embraer, working with embedded software on Linux and VxWorks653, as well as avionics integration for KC-390.

I have worked for IBM Linux Technology Center (LTC) on several projects, including Xen development, physical to virtual migration on POWER, Linux on POWER7 tuning and benchmarks.

For fun I work with several trend technologies. The ones I picked and work with: AngularJS, Foundation, Django. (hmm… maybe it’s time to look into this nodejs thing for real).

When I’m not in front of a computer, You might find me in a great coffee shop or in one of the dive sites around.

How can I help you?

You can reach me on LinkedinTwitter, or send me a message.